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Silicic Evolution 

The focus of my work is figurative ceramics. I utilize the surface of my sculptural creations as a kind of porcelain canvas for autobiographical surrealistic painting. My introduction to and interest in the PRISM lab originated from a series of attempts to create an accurate mirror image of one of my sculptures.

After a crash course in CAD programs, I used the PRISM lab’s computer scanning and prototyping processes to create a work of abstract figurative art. Conceptually, my goal was to crate a porcelain sculpture of two conjoined figures embodying a symbiotic relationship.
This project was a collaboration between myself and Arizona State University’s PRISM lab, with special thanks to Professor Dan Collins.



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Bridget Chérie Harper’s Visual Diaries by Paul Lewing

Thanks to artist, writer and publisher, Paul Lewing for this informative article about China Painting and featuring my work!