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Fashion + Function

 A new body of work titled Fashion + Function by Bridget Chérie Harper

Finial look in a series of colors 2012

The work posted above feature a series of feet or Function, which are basic tools of humanity; the surface or Fashion, is an extension of ourselves in a contemporary skin.

These pieces were originally constructed by hand out of clay. It took many attempts to get it just right and at times looked quite frightening. Wanting several for a series, I  produced a mold out of plaster. From that mold, I used slip to “pull” a cast. Each piece was cleaned, sanded and fired in a kiln.

For the surface, I wanted to try a different approach.  I have been china painting for years and while researching a project about cars on the side, I decided to try automotive paint. Fortunately, I had a contact who works for the Porche collision repair shop in town.  I learned the exact process applied onto automobiles and it was a learning process. Each sculpture has multiple levels of primers, colors, pearls, clears and many layers of wax. I am extremely please with the final appearance of  the series and there’s more to come.


Hand-building the original sculpture out of clay

Hand-building the original sculpture out of clay

Application of paints






Chamber Duty

This piece titled, Chamber Duty, will be on display at the Phoenix Art Museum, Saturday, February 19, 2011  Contemporary Forum ART AUCTION. China Paint on Handbuilt porcelain.  

American Art Collector Magazine

Check out the American Art Collector Magazine featuring an article about my work. Enjoy!

American Art Collector

Ceramics Monthly Article

Bridget Chérie Harper’s Visual Diaries by Paul Lewing

Thanks to artist, writer and publisher, Paul Lewing for this informative article about China Painting and featuring my work!


Translucent Porcelain Tumblers

The tumblers I create are handcraft from beginning to end. The clay is mixed, thrown on a potter’s wheel and fired in a kiln. I polish them and have discovered a method to transfer the paintings I create on my sculptures into decals that fire onto the tumblers. The results are beautifully translucent porcelain vessels that takes on an alabaster appearance with original imagery from my paintings.